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Market Analysis

Valuations start with gathering information about a property.  What are its physical and locational influences?  How many buyers and sellers are there? How often does a specific property type sell or rent?  Understanding the market is critical and is the most important step in valuing a property.  


Value is established by market actions.  Understanding what attributes are important to buyers and how they affect price and buying decisions were obtained during the market analysis.  The valuation process assembles the most relevant data and renders a credible and supportable value conclusion

Appraisal Review

You may receive an appraisal report and are not convinced the analysis and conclusions are well supported.  If this is the case we offer appraisal review as a service.  It can be limited in scope to reviewing just the credibility of the value, just compliance with appraisal standards, or the whole report.

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Who we are

Meet Angie and Dave.  Review our About Us page and get a brief history of who are we.

Angela Lemoine-Lakvold, MAI, SRA, R-W/AC, MBA

David E. Lakvold, MAI, SRA

What we are about

We're passionate about understanding what influences value.  It starts with finding and analyzing facts like these....

  •  where is it?

  •  what is it?

  •  how big is it?

  •  who buys and sells it?

  •  why do they buy and sell it?

How to contact us?

You have several options.  First, if you want, stop by our office and we can talk about what we can do for you.  Second, send us a letter in the mail.  Third, call us.  Fourth, email us.  Or fifth, fill out the adjacent contact form and we will call you as soon as we can. 

4570 Jamestown Avenue, Suite 1, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, US


The Lakvold Group is not on social media because we are too busy serving clients.  More importantly, everything we do is confidential so there is nothing to post about.

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